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Clearbra film is difficult to detect in photos, as a result this is not always the best medium to demonstrate our expertise. With the incredible amount of positive feedback and testimonials we have received over the years, we figured we would let the most qualified source speak to Clearbras value – our customers. Below are examples of people like you, who were searching for answers in car protection and found them with ClearBra Connection. We have provided several letters from our customers who can attest to the quality of our work and service. In some cases they made the wrong choice with another company and we were able to help. These letters speak volumes.

"After having the same 3m film installed by both Clear Bra Connection and a local competitor, and seeing the tremendous difference in quality of the two jobs, I would never allow anyone but Clear Bra Connection to install film on a car I own again"... Read More
- Sally Gosch, 2002

"Thank you for the fabulous clear bra wrap you put on my Audi A4. I am impressed by the surgical precision you used to customize the wrap"... Read More
- Debbie Craycraft, 2009

"And, having observed your work firsthand, allow me to term it as sincere craftsmanship. You took the extra time and did not rush to make sure everything was done to perfection."... Read More
- Mustang, 2001

"... there were several factors that made me choose Scott. The first factor was convenience. Scott comes to the customer. The second factor was the amount of time he took to talk to me about the product he uses and why he feels it's a superior product to others, as well as his experience and guarantee of quality and workmanship."... Read More
- Brenda Schaak, 2000

"I have had clear bras put on by Scott and also by dealerships. The installation and materials used by Clear Bra Connection have always been superior"... Read More
- Dave Conyers, 2009

"The film is no more visible on the first white car than on the second, even though a year and a half elapsed between applications. Thus implying that the material does not yellow with age."... Read More
- George Lanier, 1999

"Without going on-and-on about Clear Bra, I also want to mention how satisfied I am with the service you have provided. It is extremely refreshing to be treated with courtesy and as a customer, and not as an inconvenience."... Read More
- James Cezer, 2002

"The professionalism that you brought to the job and the quality of work that you delivered was simply excellent. "... Read More
- Leonard Callejo, 2001

"I was so impressed with the application I could not believe my eyes. We would definitely recommend Clear Bra Connections Inc. to others. The old line that says: "You get what you pay for". This was truly a blessing in our case."... Read More
- Michael Miller, 2005

"After speaking with several firms, I chose you for the job. You seemed to be very knowledgeable and came very highly recommended. We are both thrilled with the job you did. We were very impressed with your work."...
Read More
- Pat Casey, 2000

"I own three other BMWs that have clear bras but do not look half as professionally done as the one you put on for me. I researched four other companies (besides yours) and decided to go with you for the following reasons:" ...Read More
- Linda Kehr, 2009

"I offer this letter as a strong endorsement of your company's excellent service and installation quality of the 3M clear bra product."... Read More
- Scott Bainbridge, 2001

"Not only is your product a custom product that is specifically cut at the time of installation and does not leave edges unfinished and exposed to potential damage, but the quality of your material and workmanship far exceeds our expectations."... Read More
- Tommy Petree, 2001

"I hired Clear Bra Connection after spending thousands of dollars to completely refurbish my high-end vehicle, freeing it of all scratches, dents and paint chips. Scott's company was able to lock that look in place with his Clear Bra product that will allow my car to look brand new after years of driving."... Read More
- Mike Matusow, 2009
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"I believe that Scott and his company have now put a Clearbra on my fourth, possibly fifth vehicle. Each and every time I'm amazed at not only the quality of the product, but just as importantly, their attention to detail. Scott and his employees treat each car/truck as if it were their own."... Read More
- Jim Cazer, 2009

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