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ClearBra Custom Installation Services

Clearbra installation should only be approached as art work. Our objective is to create a finished product that looks like it was original equipment of the manufactured vehicle. Years of retooling our installation has helped us arrive at what is highly regarded as the best in the industry. Scott is self taught and personally trains all that work with him. All of ClearBra Connection’s installers are 3M Certified.

Scott continues to develop new techniques and search for the highest quality tools to improve this installation. 3m film is clearly the best paint protection film on the market. If there were a better choice the auto manufacturers would have been using that for the past 30 plus years. What is even more important is who is applying it to your vehicle. Let’s put it this way. Scott and his crew can use the exact same golf clubs as your favorite pro golfer, chances are though, they will never play golf like him. The same can be said for the 3M clear bra film.

All too often someone looking to protect and add value to their vehicle becomes a victim of this product due to unskilled labor. Poor workmanship and unskilled labor can lead to damaged cars. If you do not want someone to leave hard pressed lines, ripples and bubbles in the film or possible scratch your paint or even pull the paint off of your car then don’t make the mistake of having anyone other than Clear Bra Connection Protect your vehicle.

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