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In 1995 Scott Wainwright the owner and founder of ClearBra Connection was initially searching for a product to serve the practical needs of all automobile owners. Scott quickly narrowed his focus to finding a solution to the every-day car damage caused by road debris and the resulting devaluation of a vehicle. With an auto industry background, Scott knew that automotive manufacturers had been applying a clear 3M paint protection film to vehicles since the 1970’s to deal with paint-warranty issues. This film was originally designed to protect helicopter blades during the Vietnam War. Auto manufacturers only applied this film in small piece application. Most consumers were never aware that this film was on their newly-purchased cars and trucks coming from dealership lots. Developing techniques to to apply this same film in large pieces to other areas of a vehicle was a considerable task. 3M had been selling this film in large bulk to the military, aircraft manufacturers and auto manufacturers for over 30 years. The concept of applying this film to autos as an after-market item was only an idea in 1995. No training methods or commercial instruction was available anywhere at that time. Scott designed his own application. He often compares clear bra application to gift wrapping a pretzel – no easy task. It must be treated like art work to get the very best finished product. Creating the market and overcoming barriers to entry in the market proved challenging. Scott introduced his new ClearBra package to auto dealers as a practical aftermarket product. Dealers could offer this to customers as a way to add value to their new cars by insuring the re-sale value was protected. Nearly 20 years later ClearBra Connection has been responsible for over 60,000 installations, adding value and smiles to automobile owners.

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